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Project Argus: What we are learning along the way

We are approaching a critical point in our transformation process – Project Argus – which will see us migrating to the Cloud from an on premise infrastructure. This is the stage where all the background work – the extensive consultation, mapping, visioning and research – comes into focus as we translate it all into a […]

Bounce Back Loan Scheme Arrest

The Metropolitan Police have investigated a number of ‘mule’ accounts being used to launder thousands of pounds in government-backed loans and transferring the money in to cryptocurrency. A woman has now been arrested for fraudulently applying for multiple Bounce Back Loans. Detectives have successfully recovered over £100,000 and warn the public to be mindful of […]

Launch of NAFN Professional Training and Development E-Learning Courses

We’re live!! NAFN Professional Training and Development has been launched and will provide access for all members to a e-learning and cpd platform where courses have been designed to support their activities. First to be available is our Investigatory Powers Act course, which is available to our members with the powers to acquire communications data. […]

National Anti Fraud Network