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Fraud is not a victimless crime.  When a fraud is committed, we are all victims and pay the price through higher taxes and lower quality services.    We would all benefit from a world without fraud and must each do our part to protect our communities, the old and most vulnerable.  If you know or suspect someone is committing fraud, please contact the appropriate authority.

The form below has been provided to make it easier for you to report fraud.  Please complete the form providing as much detail as possible.  Where you have the person’s full name, address and date of birth, in addition to the information regarding the suspected fraud, please insert the details.

If you wish to remain anonymous, do not feel obligated to enter your details below.  However, in the case of Action Fraud, inserting your details will ensure you receive updates (where appropriate) regarding the report you have submitted.  Any information you give us will be treated as strictly confidential.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

National Anti Fraud Network