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What are the benefits of joining NAFN?

  • Corporate Membership means no additional license fees are required.
  • Acquire data legally, efficiently and effectively from a wide range of information providers.
  • Our systems are secure and centrally maintained to the highest standards.
  • Access a hub for the collection, collation and circulation of intelligence alerts.
  • Access training, best practice examples of process, forms and procedures.
  • Exclusive access to a pool of trained and accredited officers.
  • We are conversant and compliant with the law and best practice; all data is acquired in full compliance with the law and best practice guidance.
  • We are recognised as an expert provider of data services by the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office, Home Office, DWP and DVLA amongst others.
  • We provide good value for money and efficiency savings; membership of NAFN significantly reduces recruitment, training, procurement and process costs for individual members.
  • We negotiate and pass on savings for members.
  • We are effective and efficient: NAFN is recognised by key stakeholders and acts on behalf of all members, as such we are able to acquire data much faster than could be achieved by individual member organisations.

New Member Benefit

New member benefit, targeting our social landlords and all those joining the fight against tenancy fraud!

We have collaborated with the Tenancy Fraud Forum, Onward and University of Bolton to create Tenancy Fraud Campaign materials, which are free for you to download and use.

The campaign materials have been designed by students from the University of Bolton with the purpose of raising public awareness, encouraging people to raise suspicions and increase reports of Tenancy Fraud, ensuring homes go to those in need whilst protecting the public purse.

We invite all organisations to download and share the campaign materials to join the fight against Tenancy Fraud.

Each asset has been created to be customisable, with space to add your own logo and contact information.

Campaign materials include customisable:

  • Posters
  • Social media tiles – Including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • Email footers
  • Website banners
  • Infographic posters

National Anti Fraud Network