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Why train with NAFN?

Through our connections with leaders, policy-shapers and decision makers, we remain at the forefront of new developments in our field.  We are also connected through membership to the vast majority of local authorities and a growing number of housing associations and wider public authorities, each committing to enhancing their existing robust processes by working and training with NAFN.

Fundamentally, we offer consistency, quality and flexibility to our members seeking to perform at the highest standard in their current roles and further their professional development.

What training does NAFN offer?

Webinar Training

Our webinar training is designed to support new starters and those seeking to refresh their knowledge of our services.  The aim is not to increase usage but to raise awareness and ensure our services are used effectively, providing better value for money and better results.

We deliver a complete webinar training schedule dedicated to each of our services including; overviews, legislation, processes, navigation and demonstrations.  An annual webinar timetable is shared with all members each year and they may attend as many courses as required in order to increase knowledge and improve their user experience.

On-site Training/Roadshows

On-site training is available for groups of 20 plus attendees.  There is no *additional charge for these training sessions, as they are an added benefit of membership.  These sessions are usually bespoke and can address one or multiple departments within a member organisation.

We encourage our members of smaller establishments to canvass neighbouring organisations who are members to join the session in order to increase the numbers in attendance.

*There may be an additional charge where the training officer must stay overnight and therefore requires accommodation

E-learning and CPD

To deliver our services effectively we must be aware of new legislation, policy and procedural changes that may affect our members.  Just as we must ensure our officers embark on a journey of continuing professional development, we support our members to do the same through NAFN Professional Training and Development.

NAFN Professional Training and Development launched in 2020 will as a priority, provide a training package for the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) 2016.  This training is funded by the Home Office and will provide further assurance that 3,000 plus of our users with the powers to access this service, do so in a compliant and lawful way.  Importantly, this also provides an on-line record of achievement, evidencing the learning completed and allowing administrators within member organisations to monitor and review the success.

Our E-learning and CPD offer will not stop at IPA.  In due course we will also add training for all services in relation to their activities, powers and emerging types of fraud (crime, error and corruption).  We will also be responding to the needs communicated to us by our members.

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