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Awards and Testimonials


NAFN is proud to be the 2019 WINNER of the iNetwork Effective Information Sharing and Security Award.  This award recognised excellence in Information Governance and/or Cyber Security. We nominated our National Right-to-Buy Anti-Fraud Service as a project which facilitates the secure storage, sharing and use of sensitive information to deliver more efficient and effective services for members, whilst ensuring that personal information is protected.

NAFN is the 2019 FINALIST of the iNetwork iSTANDUK Award.   Through the creation and delivery of the National Register of Taxi License Revocations and Refusals we demonstrated innovation and achievement in the effective use of data and information standards to improve services, enable information transparency and common understanding of a key issue.


“The total of fraud attempts against DCC linked to companies in the NAFN alerts is now £620,000, it shows how valuable the alerts are.”  Durham City Council

“ANPR is a really powerful tool.  Thank you for the straightforward overview.” London Region Trading Standards

“NAFN’s help is significant in many of the cases that we investigate…we wonder how on earth we managed without it in the past”

“We find NAFN useful in almost every investigation we undertake”

“Information from NAFN has helped to ensure a successful conclusion to numerous investigations resulting in 27 cautions and 16 prosecutions”

“Many of our cases would have floundered without information obtained via NAFN”

National Anti Fraud Network