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Service Overview

What services does NAFN offer?

Our core data and intelligence service provides a secure, single point of contact to access a wide range of information providers using robust legal gateways and processes that meet the highest standard of legislative compliance.

Key services you may be able to access include:

  • Investigatory Powers Act 2016, acquisition of communications data service (used only for the prevention and detection of crime)
  • Authorised Officer Services including Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act 2013 and Council Tax Reduction Scheme Regulations 2013
  • Access to our overnight service for DVLA current vehicle keeper details
  • National Automatic Number Plate Recognition (Trading Standards Only)
  • Direct access to TransUnion and Equifax providing instant retrieval of credit reports and bank account verification and validation; access to Experian Reports
  • Sanction Information Database (SiD, National database holding all trading standards prosecutions, cautions and penalties)
  • National Register of Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Revocations, Refusals and Suspensions (NR3S)
  • Intelligence Database

Why use our services?

Our services are available to all public sector organisations, wider public authorities, housing associations and their outsourced service providers.  Using NAFN services is good practice, demonstrates an appropriate level of due diligence and would form a part of any robust process involving verification, crime and/or debt recovery.  We can support a variety of activities in the following areas, including but not limited to:

  • Verification and entitlement searches/enquiries to support verification and validation of bank accounts for payments; grants; employment; tenancies and procurement
  • Crime prevention and detection services to support investigations
  • Debt recovery services to protect public funds, trace absconded individuals and recover rent arrears/outstanding payments

Who benefits from our services?

  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Human Resources
  • Parking
  • Benefits
  • Illegal Money Lending
  • Planning
  • Children’s Services
  • Intelligence Services
  • Procurement
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Internal Audit
  • Regulatory Services
  • Debt Recovery
  • Investigation Services
  • Revenues
  • Environmental Services
  • Legal Services
  • Social Care
  • Finance
  • Licensing
  • Trading Standards
  • Housing
  • Neighbourhood Services
  • Waste Management

What can I expect from NAFN?

Available by phone and e-mail you are free to tap in to the knowledge, experience and expertise of our service team.  We will act as an extension of your team and support you to access all of the services which will provide the best results.

We will ensure:

  • all NAFN officers receive appropriate training and guidance;
  • all services, processes and procedures are lawful and compliant;
  • we regularly submit to both internal and external audits for all services;
  • all services are cost effective and provide good value for money;
  • new services are reviewed and developed as the needs of members evolve;
  • your feedback and suggestions are valued and acted upon wherever possible.

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