NAFN Transformation: Why Project Argus will be a game-changer.

Project Argus is NAFN’s transformation programme which will see us migrating to the Cloud from an on premise infrastructure. 

Digital transformation will be a game-changer for NAFN members, providing scalability, cost savings, enhanced security, improved collaboration, and increased agility. It will enrich the user experience, offering seamless access to the tools and information they require, fostering engagement and interaction within the community, and providing personalised experiences tailored to preferences.

As we continue to roll out Project Argus, here are six compelling reasons why the programme will improve the service we deliver:

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Seamless Access to Premium Content
  • Interactive and Engaging Features
  • Flexibility and Convenience
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy
  • Constant Innovation and Upgrades

Follow our progress! Keep an eye out on the NAFN portal to stay up to date with all things Project Argus.

National Anti Fraud Network